How I avoided using antibiotics for my daughter’s double ear infection.

The night we flew home after attending our nephew’s championship football game in Dallas, TX, Milani (6 months old at the time) developed a low-grade fever. It was during flu season so I admit I was a little unnerved.

I applied some diluted lavender to the bottoms of her feet and back of her neck and ears and watched her through the night to make sure she slept comfortably. When she woke the next morning, the fever had gone down but she seemed more tired than usual. I decided to take her to her pediatrician for a quick check up. Her doctor said she had a double ear infection, which more than likely came as a result of previous congestion and the flight to top it off. He wrote me a prescription for a 10-day course of antibiotics. I stuffed it into my diaper bag with no intention of using it unless I absolutely had to! I looked up all of the essential oils that were safe for babies her age and got to work. Almost immediately after I applied the diluted oils behind her ears in addition to the garlic ear drops, my baby had relief in a matter of minutes! Since the ears, nose and throat are all connected, I decided to mix oils for all 3 areas to be sure she received relief completely.

Always use caution and good judgment. Never allow your baby to suffer through if they’re not responding to natural remedies fast enough.

Please keep in mind that I have been using essential oils on my daughter since she was born so I know how much dilution is required specifically for her. Also, since she was still happy, eating, wetting and pooping regularly, I made the decision to avoid using antibiotics and use the essentials oils to help her body do what it should do naturally. I had the mindset that if the oils and other remedies weren’t working well enough, I would without a doubt use the prescription in addition to my natural remedies. Always use caution and good judgment. Never allow your baby to suffer through if they’re not responding to natural remedies fast enough.

I did the remedies for 2 weeks just to be safe and made sure the infection was totally cleared up. After the first week I just applied the oils and ear oil 2 or 3 times a day and lessened the other remedies as I saw her improve. I took her back to her pediatrician to check her ears and they were back to normal!

Always use 100% Pure, Therapeutic Essential Oils free of fragrances and chemicals. I use and trust Mila Eve Essentials Oils.
Here’s everything I did for my baby:


The first thing I did was go immediately to my chiropractor to get her an adjustment to help drain any fluid as a result of the infection. My chiropractor has adjusted my children since they were infants.

To Calm Fever

Immune Boost Rub

Rub down spine and bottoms of feet every 10mins first hour, every 20mins for the second hour, then every hour after as much as possible.

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Following the chiropractor, I continued with an Ear Infection and Tonsillitis Remedy, along with a Nasal Rinse for Nasal Congestion.

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When I was a little girl, my aunt introduced me to her holistic approach for healthy living. Whenever I was sick, she always had a natural remedy. When I became a mom, I remembered my aunt’s recipes, and sought out to find additional solutions. I soon discovered essential oils and began creating my own natural remedies for everything from the common cold, nasal congestion and earaches, to helping my children get a good night’s sleep. I started sharing these discoveries with friends, and before long I was receiving calls, emails and texts every day from friends who were searching for help, which led me to creating this site.

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  • Love this post! I’m not as advanced as you are with all the oils, but with my first we had several ear infections and after the 2nd, the led started talking about tubes!! So I went to work using the garlic oil ear drops and baby rub on the chest and feet. Cleared everything right up! I also like to use probiotics if they start to get sick and keep the garlic around just in case. I’m going to look into the young living oils. Thanks for posting!!

  • Thanks Monique for starting this site and getting the message out. It’s been known at least back to Hippocrates that fevers should not be suppressed. Also recent research has reported this. Good doctors also know this. For example, in Holland a doctor will send you home with no medicine if your fever is 104 or below. Fear of fevers was promoted in the 1920s by pharmaceutical companies to SELL their drugs to you. Fevers are our friends so educate yourself about them and let them burn. If you feel your child is very hot and doesn’t mind being uncovered, uncover them. Complications occur when you interfere with fever. Just know the warning signs like listlessness, lips turning blue, etc. Harvard and Yale? did studies on fever and found that convulsions do not damage the brain. Please be cautious though, if your child is convulsing excessively then yes there could be a problem so use common sense combined with education. I am a mother and a natural health practitioner. My kindergartener has never had any synthetic medicine, not even an aspirin, only homeopathy, supplements, osteopathy, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, some probiotics, and an organic diet.

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