Any time I treat the ears, I always also treat the nose and throat, since they’re all connected. See also Nasal Rinse For Nasal Congestion

(This was for my 6-month old baby. Increase dosage for older children or adults. Dilute even more for younger babies. I always try the remedy on myself before applying to my children. Always use 100% pure Essential Oils. See also, The Ear Infection Nightmare.)

Ear Rub

Massage around ears especially on the mastoid bone and base of neck every 10 minutes for the first hour, every 20 minutes for the second hour, then every hour after as much as possible on the first day.

Ear Drops

Drop 3 drops and massage into ear canal every 3 hours for the first 3 days.

  • Chop fresh garlic (2 or 3 cloves)
  • Add chopped garlic to 2oz Olive oil in glass dish and cover
  • Let garlic soak overnight if possible or to use quickly, warm the olive oil
  • Strain so that garlic is separated from oil
  • Add drops inside the ear while warm and be sure it’s not too hot

I also use ear oil drops that contain Garlic root, mullein, John’s Wort, and lobella

Cotton Ball To Stuff Ear

Using a piece that will fit snuggly into the ear:

  • Soak cotton ball in warm coconut oil
  • In your hand, mix 1 drop of Helichrysum and 1 drop of Tea Tree
  • Roll the mix and cotton ball around in the palm of your hand
  • Stuff a piece of the cotton ball in each ear for a snug fit ensuring it’s not too small
  • Leave for 15-30 mins and repeat 3 times daily for 3-5 days using new cotton balls each time.

For more severe cases I add 1 drop of Thyme to the mix. Soak cotton balls in warm coconut oil first.

Onion & Garlic Poultice

Make onion poultice and place behind ears for 30mins. Make sure it’s warm but not too warm. I always test it on myself first.

To Make Onion Poultice

  • Chop up an onion
  • Add olive oil to pan
  • Add onion then sauté until they’re transparent
  • Add about a teaspoon of flour. Mix to create goopy paste.
  • Don’t over cook onion
  • Remove and add to towel or cheesecloth (or inside white baby socks) and place where there’s infection

To Make A Garlic Poultice

  • Chop 5-8 cloves
  • Mix in coconut or olive oil
  • Add inside a towel, cheesecloth or white baby socks.
  • Make sure it’s warm but not too warm. You can warm in microwave if necessary.
  • Place over ears (I held it in place with a headband). Be sure that it’s not too warm. You can also place on lymph nodes in neck area for sore throat or tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis Mix

Rub on neck and throat every 10 minutes for the first hour, 20 mins for the second hour, then every hour after as much as possible. For severe sore throat, I applied 1 drop neat of each Oregano essential oil and Self Defense essential oil blend to bottoms of feet every 3 hours for 2 days.

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When I was a little girl, my aunt introduced me to her holistic approach for healthy living. Whenever I was sick, she always had a natural remedy. When I became a mom, I remembered my aunt’s recipes, and sought out to find additional solutions. I soon discovered essential oils and began creating my own natural remedies for everything from the common cold, nasal congestion and earaches, to helping my children get a good night’s sleep. I started sharing these discoveries with friends, and before long I was receiving calls, emails and texts every day from friends who were searching for help, which led me to creating this site.

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  • Just curious about what essential oils you trust (brand or company)? Also, Mrs. Samuels I was wondering if you could add a guide that is a picture of where exactly you place the oils? For instance, in the posting about ear infections you mention putting the oils near the mastoid bone and the base of the neck, however I am curious as to whether it goes on the side or back of the neck. I’m impressed with the amount of information provided on this site and your honesty in your postings!!

  • Hey Monique Samuels my name is Shemonia Clay. I watch your show on House of Potomac & notice you where talking about home remedies to get rid of colds & help to sleep better.I have sinus problems that act up in the winter & mostly in the summer.Sometimes I don’t want to be dose up with a lot of allergy medicine at times it makes me drowsy.I wanted to ask you can you help me with an essential oil to use for sinusitis post nasal drip.I am currently experiencing laryngitis due to vocal strain it improving with vocal exercises & I already went the a specialist.I would gladly appreciate it love what you doing to help people.

  • Hey beautiful. Keep staying strong! I must say it cant be easy standing up to those strong gals but you are doing very well. Listen can you post an essential oil blend that you think may work for eye infections? Thanks gal. Take Care!

    • Thank you! Yes I love Tea tree and lavender essential oils by Young Living for eye irritations. You must dilute them properly. I use coconut oil as the carrier for eye issues. Mix this with a drop of tea tree or lavender and apply as often as possible around the eye (NOT inside the eye). I apply hourly on the bone around the eye to be safe. Make sure you wash your face and hands and use a different washcloth every time so you don’t spread to the other eye. Treat both eyes at the same time.

  • Thank you Monique, for creating such a helpful and informative website. Can you share any remedies or routines for stress reduction for kids; as well as, remedies to increase mental clarity and memory? .
    I noticed when my child is stress, she is unable to concentrate and becomes forgetful.

    Unfortunately, our world has become increasingly impolite, which only adds to our children’s stress.

    • I had both of my children scanned to tell me exactly what essential oils their bodies needed for stress. They both had stress but different oils were suggested to ease their stress levels. I would suggest diffusing lavender, geranium, eucalyptus and peppermint at night. I apply Sleepyize by Young Living to their foreheads at bedtime as well. Different kids have different stress contributors so I always suggest addressing their sleep first. Sleeping long hours doesn’t always equal “good sleep.” A diffuser at night has helped my kids tremendously. There’s an essential oil line by Young Living called KidScents. They have oils for sleep and focus made especially for kids.

  • Hi Monique! My name is Veronica Howell and I love watching you on the RHOP. I was wondering if you had any healthy living tips for getting rid of headaches. My daughter is 12 and she gets them too regularly for me. I took her to the doctor and they said that it was apart of her growing up and that she may experience them when she is getting ready to start her cycle monthly. Please help if you have any advice. Thanks in advance!!

    • For frequent headaches, especially young people, I always say address the colon. Make sure she is having regular bowel movements. If she isn’t, you definitely want to have her take a daily probiotic. A headache is the body’s way of telling you “something is not right!” Address the internal issues first. Make sure she is drinking plenty of water. Add a tablespoon of raw, organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water to boost the alkalinity in your body. As far as essential oils, peppermint essential oil using proper dilution ratios is amazing! You can apply to the temples and behind the neck.

  • I appreciate you sharing your knowledge on use of essential oils. My son who is 11, has had chronic enlarged tonsils since he was 6. In the last 6 months he has had 3 bouts of strep throat and tonsillitis. He’s gone on antibiotics 4 times. Unfortunately he developed an allergy to penicillin and c diff from the last treatment. I would like to avoid tonsillectomy but am running out of options. What would you recommend?

    • I’m allergic to penicillin too.  It’s a rough road when the medicines make you sicker.  Look up serrapeptase to help reduce the inflammation in his throat and get some Thieves oil ASAP.  You can make a throat spray, a gargle, and Thieves tea for instant relief.  It will help boost his immune system and hopefully keep him from needing medicine again.

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