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Confession: Sleeping Alexa

Submitted by: Jeanette

Buffalo, NY

I tell my 2 year old son that "Alexa" is sleeping or taking a nap at least twice a day! I can only hear wheels on the bus trolls and old McDonald had a farm so many times in a row lol!


Confession: Bathroom Break

Submitted by: Erica


I am a mom who wants to do it all. I have a husband and 4 kids. My kids are extremely active and I do it all. I wake up in the morning, get my kids up and my littlest still needs help getting ready for school. I get them started and then drive my little to school. After that I start my full time job. I take my lunch hour to pick up my little from school, I then come back and complete my work day. I get my husband lunch ready, cook dinner, and then become a taxi driver to different sports events. I am so exhausted sometimes I sit in the bathroom just to take a break.


Confession: Downtime

Submitted by: Kieria

Houston, TX

I'm a mother of 3 all under 4 and expecting a fourth. I've been super mom the past 5 years but now my husband is finally in a position to work and let me stay home. And some day, I won't lie, I just sit around and the kids run the house. I feel sometimes I can take a mental break even if that means the house gets dirty. Especially now being pregnant and my youngest is 5 months. I'm drained. But I feel like downtime is ok. Anyone else feel this way and doesn't feel guilty about it?


Confession: Making A Home

Submitted by: Anonymous

Cleveland, OH

Sometimes I feel like a failure. I work 40 hours a week, and I spend much needed time with my son but unfortunately I just feel like I’m failing him because I don’t have a lot of things for him to really call our house a home. We have a home but we literally have no furniture besides a tiny “card table” and the beds in both of our rooms. it seems no matter how much my checks are there’s always bills bills bills and I can’t seem to save for anything because bills are never ending. I guess my confession is I wish I wasn’t failing in the area of giving my son a HOME HOME. My biggest wish for the year 2020 is to make that come true so I’m working towards it‼️ Wish me luck guys! Peace , Love & Light


Confession: Bathroom Tears

Submitted by: Allegre

Columbia, SC

My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in April. I can't let my emotions get the best of me until everyone is asleep. I then go in the bathroom and cry my eyes out.


Confession: Mommy Guilt

Submitted by: Patty

Howell, MI

I have mommy guilt about being a working mom, no ambition to clean house, no ambition to cook (also not good at it). No ambition to play after work.


Confession: No Mom Sundays

Submitted by: Nicole

Frederick, MD

I tell my husband and 8 year old son that they do NOT have a mommy or wife on Sunday nights because I watch all my TV shows. They are highly offended and I don’t care.


Confession: Moving On

Submitted by: Carmen

Woodland Hills, CA

The biggest fear I have is that I will never find love, peace or happiness in my life. My mind is constantly going in circles. After a year and a half of being divorced the hurt is still very much there, I feel like I've failed myself and my children. I find myself constantly checking up on my ex husband and seeing how he's moved on, and it makes me feel inadequate knowing I've yet to do the same


Confession: Get Away

Submitted by: Anonymous

San Antonio, TX

I don't know if I keep my second job because I like the extra money or because it's a chance to get away from my boyfriend and baby for a bit longer (I don't even like the job).


Confession: Rock to Sleep

Submitted by: Stacey

Brooklyn, NY

When my daughter was a baby we used to rock her to sleep, not realizing what a terrible idea that was at the time. So I had to retrain her to go to sleep without being rocked. My pediatrician said let her cry for 5 minutes, pick her up & calm her down, put her back in the crib, & then do it again at 10 mins, 15 mins, etc. Each time increasing by 5 mins. It was the worst night of my life. I wound up sitting on my terrace balling my eyes out, trying to drown out her screaming & crying for just about 4 1/2 hrs straight by blasting music through headphones! I think i went through 2 packs of cigarettes & a bottle of wine. She actually finally cried herself to sleep right before that 4 1/2 hr mark. But increasing by 5 mins to get there, you can imagine how long that was. But it worked, I never had to rock her again. 1 long night of hell was all it took. FYI my daughter is 28 years old now, it's still one of the worst nights of my life!


Confession: Travel Potty

Submitted by: Anonymous

Gaithersburg, MD

My kids were sleeping on a recent road trip and I really had to pee so I pulled to the side of the road, went to the trunk and peed on my daughter’s travel potty.


Confession: Sleep Eating

Submitted by: Monique

Elizabeth, NJ

I’m 8M pregnant and can’t stop eating my 5 year old’s snacks so I told her I have a condition of “Sleep Eating.” She told me I need to see a doctor about it lol