Natural Living Wine Down Wednesday

Health is Wealth- Special Guest Dana Nettles of Dr. Nettles Health & Beauty

Monique and Riley sip tea while discussing tips and tricks for introducing a healthy and holistic lifestyle! Joined by special guest, Dana Nettles of Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty.

Monique and Riley sip TEA (literally) while discussing tips and tricks for introducing a healthy and holistic lifestyle! Is it best to go “cold Turkey” or gradually introduce healthy practices into our daily routines? Our special guest is one of our Not For Lazy Moms “Approved” business collaborators, Dana Nettles, of Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty! If you haven’t tried her all natural Teas which have been featured in our Bundles Boxes, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Featuring Special Guest, Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty

Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty, LLC has generations of health care providers and farmers living a minimalist lifestyle using nature to stay healthy. Our historical research and ability to use chemical free, homegrown organic products allows us deliver the upmost quality products. From our southern home to yours, we provide only natural and organic products, free of gluten, parabens, harsh chemicals, and animal testing. View more products from Dr. Nettles at

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