Not for Lazy Moms is a community for new generation moms who want it all and do it all. We are a community of resourceful women who are determined to accomplish their goals and are dedicated to helping one another succeed.

Monique Samuels

When I was a little girl, my aunt introduced me to her holistic approach for healthy living. Whenever I was sick, she always had a natural remedy. When I became a mom, I remembered my aunt’s recipes, and sought out to find additional solutions. I soon discovered essential oils and began creating my own natural remedies for everything from the common cold, nasal congestion and earaches, to helping my children get a good night’s sleep. I started sharing these discoveries with friends, and before long I was receiving calls, emails and texts every day from friends who were searching for help, which led me to creating this site.

Aneesha DuBois

Aneesha DuBois' professional career spans across music, sports, pop culture and fashion. She held roles at Music Choice in New York City, Comcast Sportsnet in Washington, DC, she was an Associate Producer at E! News Now and the former Fashion PR Director, Americas for all brands under Australian Fashion Labels. 

In 2019 she launched luxe ecommerce company Well(un)known which focuses on emerging brands. She also serves as the site's Creative Director. The same year she also became a mother to a baby girl named Poppy.

Aly Jacobs

Many events have shaped who I am today. From becoming a co-host of a morning radio show in DC, to saying “I do” to my best friend. But the event, or shall I say the on-going event, that I am most proud of, is my son. Being a mom is exhausting, it is liberating, it is every emotion all tangled up into one mess, and I love it. I also enjoy sharing (and confessing) my experiences with you fellow moms! I am so thankful for the Not For Lazy Moms community. This group of women encourages me to do what makes me happy and to wear a cute outfit while doing it!

Amber Franklin

Born and raised in Frederick, Maryland, I’m a formally trained professional Chef, currently fully occupied as a mom to my two young children, balancing my love for food with the challenges of motherhood. My passion for cooking started with making traditional Mexican dishes aside my great-grandmother. While we did not share a common spoken language, we shared the love language of cooking. Trained in savory cooking techniques, I spent most of my professional career as a cake decorator and chocolatier. Currently, I continue my passion for cooking from my home into the world through social media.

Erin Washington

After 20 years of battling body issues, I'm finally in my best body at 37 and a mother of two. I know so many women who are hard-core fitness fanatics and never let themselves “cheat.” They will never miss a workout and always pass on a cocktail. Then there’s the women who are out every night at happy hour and think nothing of skipping their workout the next morning. Neither lifestyle is sustainable. I fall somewhere in the middle- Squats and Margaritas. I finally found a formula that worked for me and feel compelled to share it with women who are struggling like I always have.

Danisha Reed, LPC, ACS

Published Author: “Love Letters From Ishra,” (2016) and “You Are Worth It!” (2018) both available on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Nobles. I am a licensed therapist from NJ who enjoys normalizing therapy and building strong marriages and families. Starting my private practice, while being a single mother of 4 beautiful children has not been an easy journey. More than 5 years ago I started SUGAR Counseling and did not look back! S.U.G.A.R Synthesis Under God’s Authority Restored! It’s SWEET when passion meets purpose!

Mila Eve Essentials

Mila Eve Essentials, LLC, is a black owned, woman owned business located in Maryland and established in 2020 by Monique Samuels. Mila Eve Essentials products are designed with your mind, body and soul in mind. We eliminate harsh ingredients and replace them with essential oils and other natural elements that provide a variety of wonderful benefits. These benefits enhance physical and spiritual wellness, amplify positive, emotional well-being and will redefine your health routine.

What Makes Mila Eve Essentials Different? We're not simply selling you essential products. We're taking you on a journey! We're determined to encourage a better understanding of essential oils. Our desire is to create an emotional connection with our consumers, listen to your needs and desires and deliver affordable products that you cannot live without!

Valerie Rivera

I am a Certified Matchmaker based out of Orlando, Florida who is in love with falling in love. I feel my calling in the world is to help those get through the tough times and to celebrate the wins. All with a hint of positivity. My content is dating and relationship related ranging from getting into the dating world to balancing your marriage when you are attacked with outside distractions.

I am currently married and a dog mom to an American Bulldog named Rosco.

Deborah Porter

Motherhood is hard but doesn’t have to be. As a sought-after, influential voice on motherhood, my goal is for mothers worldwide to know they don’t have to set themselves on fire to keep everyone warm. Whether sharing parenting tips on Good Morning Washington or in publications like Parents, the goal is to support that woman with exchanging perfect for done by setting clear and healthy boundaries. Remember, done does not have to happen at your hand. Finding your unique balance in motherhood is possible without comparing yourself to others.

Erica Wigley

A NYC girl with roots in the DMV area. Whether I’m walking those concrete streets of NYC or cruising down I495, you can also find me on Wednesday nights at meditation class. I’m a mother of two incredible sons, a friend to many, daughter, sister, and business owner of Plush Skin. You may have seen me on CBS- Great Day Washington as a beauty expert dishing up easy DIY recipes. My expertise is centered around mindfulness, beauty from the inside out, and creating easy skincare/hair care recipes to add a little luxury to your daily beauty routine.

Kimberly Day

I'm a trucker hat/Louboutin kind of girl just trying to live life one day at a time. I am the founder and Chief Decadence Officer of Decadent Health, LLC. I also pen the blog Confessions of a Food Addict, where I share personal, humorous, and often TMI stories about my relationship with food, as well as my very unpredictable life.

In the final stages of my book, Feeding Your Addiction, I am a hiking, triathlon, and reality-TV enthusiast. I live in Potomac, MD, with my husband and daughter.

Monique Pinkney

I am a DMV based creative, professional model and actress who has appeared in numerous national commercials and print ads. I’m currently focusing on my biggest and most important gig — MAMA. I was 44 when I gave birth to my first child and 47 with my second. Grown Mama is a space I share my personal journey and experiences with motherhood after 40. Its purpose is to encourage, support and advocate for other women of advanced maternal age who desire to become MAMAs in the middle. We are changing the narrative and making motherhood after 40 less of a trend and more of the norm.

Antonia Gates

Life’s a Journey, so enjoy the ride! This is the motto that I live by and it pushed me to move in the direction of designing the life I want. My name is Antonia Gates and I started Boss Mom Living back in 2018 when I found out that I was finally pregnant with my first child after being told I was infertile for three years. Being a “Boss Mom”, means being able to be a mom and juggle everything that life throws your way. I love sharing the real with other moms and letting others know that even though we enjoy having a family, it’s okay to focus on you and take time for what you want in life as well.