We can find balance in our home by revisiting the foundation of our relationships.

There’s an endless list of ways to maintain balance in your home, especially the balance in your marriage or with your significant other. From what I’ve found, the stem of it all is returning to the roots of why you’re together.

What things did you do together that made you happy? What did you both enjoy? What was part of the foundation that brought you together?

In this segment my husband and I discuss what we have tried and found to work for us. You’re more than welcome to implement these into your life, and I definitely encourage you to think of ways that you and your significant other connected in the beginning. Once you have that list together, the best thing you can do is build your list into a schedule to get you started.

Make time for the two of you to discuss some of these topics. Even if it’s only 30 minutes before you go to bed, try to block off some time where you turn off your TV, put down your phone, and just focus on one another. Most importantly, focus on topics dealing with each other and outside of the children.

For me and my husband, we found that in order to effectively create a schedule for ourselves, we needed to first create a schedule for our kids. In the beginning, it was very tough as you can imagine. Over time though, the more on track our kids were, and the more we all stuck to the schedule, the happier we all were.

I think of all the things you can do, the most important is to find a routine that works for your family. Once you have your groove, it will all get a lot easier.

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Monique Samuels

When I was a little girl, my aunt introduced me to her holistic approach for healthy living. Whenever I was sick, she always had a natural remedy. When I became a mom, I remembered my aunt’s recipes, and sought out to find additional solutions. I soon discovered essential oils and began creating my own natural remedies for everything from the common cold, nasal congestion and earaches, to helping my children get a good night’s sleep. I started sharing these discoveries with friends, and before long I was receiving calls, emails and texts every day from friends who were searching for help, which led me to creating this site.

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  • Here’s my NUMBER ONE question: What libido booster can I use that’s NOT wine/alcohol or sex toys/movies?
    Thanks alot for a GREAT site full of amazing tips! Love it.

    • I personally use Progessence Plus Serum. This is an essential oil mixture made by Young Living. A lot of times my lack of libido comes from lack of sleep and/or hormonal imbalance. This serum helps with both. I apply it twice a day. You’ll experience a lot more from this great serum but I definitely noticed I sleep better at night and experienced an increase in sex drive. Good luck! Thanks so much for your question!

  • Hi Monique,
    I have 3 children to keep up with. After turning 35 i started suffering from terrible menstrual cramping and fatigue that time of the month. Would you have a natural remedy/solution you have found successful?

    Love this site….keep up the great work!

    • Yes! Drink plenty of water. You can add a tablespoon of raw, organic Apple cider vinegar to a tall glass of water for better hydration. I love using lavender essential oil for cramping. You can apply directly to the lower abdomen and should experience relief pretty quickly.

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