From big boobs to small boobs to boob jobs and breastfeeding, nothing is off limits when the team talks everything boobs in this week’s episode.

Oh how “boobie talk” changes post baby. From being perky to painful to then looking in the mirror and hearing “do your boobs hang low…” as your new theme song. While in the end a well fed baby is a happy baby, let’s talk about going the breastfeeding route and the many layers that encompass it.

First things first, just because it’s natural, that doesn’t mean it comes naturally to everyone. It can be physically and emotionally painful. Yes, it can be a beautiful and sweet bond between mom and baby; but let’s be real, the first latch, the constant need for nipple cream, and the cluster feeding are all far from glamorous aspects of breastfeeding. It’s a journey and a different journey for everyone at that. Take a deep breath and remember it is okay to have all the feels when you are navigating breastfeeding.

One of the best pieces of advice we can offer is finding a lactation consultant even before you give birth. Even if breastfeeding comes easy to you, having someone to answer all questions, direct you to all the right resources, and provide extra guidance is incredibly beneficial. Littlebeam Nursing Pillows offers great advice on how to look for that perfect LC for you.


  • Find a lactation consultant.
  • Stay hydrated but don’t drink too much water as that can decrease supply.
  • Don’t stress. Remember that a well fed baby is a happy baby and a stress-free mommy is just as important!

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