Maintaining Mommy Podcast Season 3

S3-E15: More Than a Mom, More Than an Ex

How often are you defined by a moment or a title? You should be acknowledged for all of your accomplishments. We discuss ways to change your life’s story for the better.

How often do we find ourselves frustrated with being defined by a moment, a person or just simply being a mom or dad? The true nature of who we are and what we represent is overshadowed and you get to the point where you no longer want to take the back seat anymore! How do you set yourself apart from the title you’re given by others? We’re far more capable of doing it all and accomplishing so many goals so why are we summed up with an apostrophe?

Featuring Special Guest, Torrei Hart

Torrei HartOur special guest, Torrei Hart, is not only a mother of 2 beautiful teenagers, she is an accomplished Mompreneur! She is the author of a best seller Keto Recipe book, she’s a comedian who literally sells out every show when she goes on tour, has a movie production company who just produced and starred in a film with the likes of major Hollywood stars like Harry Lennix of The Blacklist and the Matrix, she’s entering the podcast world this year with her new podcast called “The Breakthrough” and with all of that being said, she is completely SICK of being referred to as “Kevin Hart’s ex-wife!” Torrei is so much more than the titles she’s been given. Learn more about her and her many projects on this episode.

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