In the premiere episode, Monique and her team dish about what sex life is like after having kids and how to keep the passion alive.

Monique Samuels, Host
Cousin Hank, Co-Host
Chris Samuels, Guest
Recap Written by Aly Jacobs

Sex. What is sex? Does that still exist after having kids (or as we call them, “BLOCKERS”)? Monique Samuels and Cousin Hank dive right into this hot and juicy topic in Episode 1 of the Not For Lazy Moms Podcast. And what better way to expose the truth of what sex actually is after marriage than by having Monique’s husband, Former NFL Washington Redskins Football Player, Chris Samuels, join in on the debate. Monique opens up the podcast referencing a Men’s Health article that asks the question, “Will your sex life survive after having a baby?” The article finds that the more stressed the woman is, the less sexually satisfied the couple is as a whole. While Chris preaches “Sex and respect! That’s all I need,” the notoriously single Cousin Hank believes that if you stay single, “you can have all the sex you want.”

Monique puts her husband in the hot seat on why he decided to settle down and have kids. “Pretend I am not your wife.” Yes, that just happened. The answers are honest, raw, and real. What boosts a man’s libido? What happens when there is a drought in the marriage? Why do women put so much pressure on perfection? Why do we turn into teenagers after we have kids? There is no question that does not get answered. All territory is fair game. Oh, and don’t think Cousin Hank is off the hook. Monique asks him flat out if dating a woman with kids’ considered birth control? Cousin Hank responds by stating, “you can cherish and love kids…especially the ones you can give back at the end of the day.”

The tip of the day

The tip of the day in Episode 1 focuses on those natural libido boosters – From “foreplay all day” compliments to your spouse, to the essential oil Monique swears by for that much needed libido boost.

Just like our Not For Lazy Moms mission states, “We Want It All. We Do It All,” Episode 1 of our podcast truly highlights it all! From defining sex after marriage, to teaching your children to love and respect themselves, the crew covers a wide range of topics and themes.

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