We want it all. We do it all. Balancing life is a true art and a goal to be achieved!

We want it all. We do it all. But how do we find the necessary balance that keeps us sane in order to get it all done? How do we confidently stand there, chest proud, all while carrying the weight of groceries, schedules, laundry, playdates, work load, soccer practices, dance recitals, and maintaining ourselves and relationships, all on our shoulders? Where is the balance?

First, we should probably define what balance means. When it comes to mom life, balance is accepting that you’re always redefining what balance is to you. It’s never easy is it? Life shifts and moves the same way seasons change. Once you get all settled into summer, fall has arrived. One thing shifts in life and your whole schedule and routine is thrown off. In order to find that balance, you have to be able to readjust and plan ahead for those sudden changes.

Planning ahead is a key tool when it comes to the art of balance. When you know life is going to be chaotic at 7am the next morning, having clothes laid out and lunches packed the night before is not only genius, but allows for a stress and rush free morning. When you know that the bedtime routine is going to be a pain because the kids napped late, make those kids have a dance party to burn that excess energy so they are tired and ready for sleep at 8pm. When you are dealing with temper tantrum after temper tantrum, have that post kid bedtime glass of wine ready (or whatever your favorite treat may be) and waiting because you have earned it.

Finding balance is also about one very important word: NO! We put so much pressure on ourselves to do it all, but here’s the thing; it’s okay to not get it all done at once. It’s okay to throw in the towel, cancel all plans, and have a pajama day instead. We tend to overcommit. We tend to say yes then regret it because we lack the energy to leave the house. Let’s give ourselves permission to bail in order to keep ourselves in check and maintain the balance.

In the end it’s all about not forgetting about the most important key in the family equation; YOU. Stress can affect your health and your mood. It can also affect how you parent. If you are noticing that you are more short-tempered these days, maybe you need to pause and redefine what balance means in your life. We want it all and we CAN do it all. We just need to find the balance so we always remember to take care of ourselves which will make a better parent and partner.

Learn more about the art of balancing in Episode 4 of our Not For Lazy Moms podcast!

Tips on Balance

  • Get everything done by prepping the night before

    And have your kids help! Make them feel like the little adults they so badly want to be by including them in the process! Have them help you pick out their clothes, pack their own lunches, run the bath water and brush their teeth. Kids love independence and we love to check items off the to-do list. It’s a win-win!

  • Don’t rush

    When you rush, not only do you get stressed, but your kids can feel it too. If you know bedtime is at 8pm- start the routine at 7pm so you can take your time.

  • Cancel

    It is okay to make plans then cancel if you’re feeling overcommitted. If you go into an activity you wish you had bailed on then you will be miserable the whole time. Just cancel. People will understand.

  • Delegate

    Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Delegate the jobs that don’t always require your “two cents.” Sometimes, things may not get done how mommy does them, but having someone who can assist you and get the jobs completed goes a long way.

  • Make time for you

    Whether it be a 10 minute bath or 30 minutes to put your feet up and enjoy a cup of coffee, while listening to the “Not For Lazy Moms” podcast! Carve out a couple of minutes each day that are dedicated to YOU.

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