The team discusses how to cleanse your body without being intimidated by diet fads. Eliminating certain foods and other stressors from your life is a lifestyle journey!

Monique Samuels, Host
Chris Samuels, Co-Host
Aly Jacobs, Co-Host
Cousin Hank, Co-Host
Recap Written by Aly Jacobs

Welcome back bosses! Episode 4 of our Not For Lazy Moms Podcast opens up the discussion of how eliminating certain things and stressors from your life can change your life! Monique and Chris share their personal experiences after they decided to alter their lifestyles and eliminate all the toxins! Monique mentions one of her favorite social media handles to follow on Instagram and how they influenced her to begin her journey of a healthier lifestyle. “Work on eliminating 1-2 foods from your diet per year,” is the mindset Monique and Chris followed when they decided to eliminate chicken and pork from their diets.

This episode makes the words “cleanse” and “detox” sound attainable rather than intimidating. Monique breaks down everything from “what exactly is a cellular cleanse?” to how not to be overwhelmed by recipes. Hey, if Cousin Hank becomes a believer by the end of this episode, you may as well! And if that’s not motivation enough, Chris says he jump-started his lifestyle change after reading that “a man’s mojo drops when he turns 40.” Now, Monique says, “his mojo is out of control since their cleanse!”

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