The Confessions Wall


Confession: Get Away

Submitted by: Anonymous

San Antonio, TX

I don't know if I keep my second job because I like the extra money or because it's a chance to get away from my boyfriend and baby for a bit longer (I don't even like the job).


Confession: Rock to Sleep

Submitted by: Stacey

Brooklyn, NY

When my daughter was a baby we used to rock her to sleep, not realizing what a terrible idea that was at the time. So I had to retrain her to go to sleep without being rocked. My pediatrician said let her cry for 5 minutes, pick her up & calm her down, put her back in the crib, & then do it again at 10 mins, 15 mins, etc. Each time increasing by 5 mins. It was the worst night of my life. I wound up sitting on my terrace balling my eyes out, trying to drown out her screaming & crying for just about 4 1/2 hrs straight by blasting music through headphones! I think i went through 2 packs of cigarettes & a bottle of wine. She actually finally cried herself to sleep right before that 4 1/2 hr mark. But increasing by 5 mins to get there, you can imagine how long that was. But it worked, I never had to rock her again. 1 long night of hell was all it took. FYI my daughter is 28 years old now, it's still one of the worst nights of my life!


Confession: Travel Potty

Submitted by: Anonymous

Gaithersburg, MD

My kids were sleeping on a recent road trip and I really had to pee so I pulled to the side of the road, went to the trunk and peed on my daughter’s travel potty.


Confession: Sleep Eating

Submitted by: Monique

Elizabeth, NJ

I’m 8M pregnant and can’t stop eating my 5 year old’s snacks so I told her I have a condition of “Sleep Eating.” She told me I need to see a doctor about it lol


Confession: Confident & Energetic

Submitted by: Sheanika

Goldsboro, NC

I have 3 girls and a newborn included out the bunch. It’s very challenging and it’s not easy being a new mother to 3, but I find myself doing really good & better than I thought I would do!

I’ve found myself to be very confident & energetic!


Confession: Criticized

Submitted by: Greyson

Greensboro, NC

I’m criticized everyday by my friend group for having a nanny and someone to come cook three times a week (I cook or we eat out the other days).

I clean the house behind three boys every night, my husband and I work full time and manage to make all extra curricular activities for our kids.

I’m still told I’m lazy