We asked 10 Mom’s where they shop for their baby. Survey says…

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Kids grow very quickly. Look at how baby clothing is sized right from birth; 0-3 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months and so on. Every three months you’re bagging up clothes they can no longer fit. I’m all for spending on designer items that will become keepsakes but I learned early on that it’s more economical to shop like a baby on a budget for my daughter. And there are great stores that offer fashionable and quality clothing at a low cost.

I asked 10 Mom’s their top places to shop for kids and why:

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1. Amazon Kids

“I think I love Amazon Prime and the fast shipping first and foremost HAHA! The outfits are so inexpensive, of good quality and perfect for mini fashion influencers.”

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2. H&M Kids

“I prefer shopping in-store at H&M. I love their basics for the little ones.”

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3. PatPat

“I found an online discount for PatPat and was hooked ever since. Their clothes are so on-trend.”

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4. Target

“The Cat & Jack clothing line is my favorite. You can get tops and bottoms for as low as $5… pre-sale!”

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5. Zara Kids

“Zara Kids clothing are so clean cut… like business casual or casual chic for babies.”

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6. Gap Kids

“Gap was where I got my clothes when I was younger so shopping Gap Kids feels so nostalgic.”

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