Finally, a guide that will potty train Mommy and Daddy!

Potty TrainingWelcome to parenthood! You’ve already experienced sleepless nights, diaper blowouts, and the high cost of having a child. But one of the most challenging and frustrating moments every Mommy and Daddy will face is when they ask themselves the question: “How and when do I potty train this little human?”

The answer isn’t complicated, and Not For Lazy Moms creator and Real Housewife of Potomac Monique Samuels breaks it down into 10 easy-to-understand steps that can be accomplished by real moms and dads with busy lives.

Potty training doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Parents often ask why some children catch on earlier than others. They wonder, “What am I doing wrong?” The answer is that most children spend the first two years of their lives being told that it’s okay to mess themselves. After much time has passed, we then tell them, “Oh no! Don’t pee and poo on yourself. Do it on the potty! Where would you get such an idea that messing yourself is okay?” We create this terrible habit and then expect them to – all of a sudden – turn it off like a light switch when we feel they’re getting too big for diapers.

This step-by-step guide focuses on tips and tricks for Mommy and Daddy to start potty training at a very early age by introducing the potty as soon as your baby can sit up on their own and is eating solid foods! Sounds crazy? But it works. It’s also applicable to children who have started walking, and tells you what approach to take when you start your potty training journey with a toddler versus a baby. Often times, we are the roadblock between the diaper and the potty.

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