Maintaining Mommy Podcast Season 3

S3-E02: Busy Being Unproductive

Learning how to overcome procrastination and being unproductive in our marriages, family and business endeavors. Create routines that allow us to be present with our family and avoid feeling like the days are passing and accomplishments are minimal.

It seems as if every day you wake up bright and early, go nonstop until your head hits the pillow at night, and as you drift into sleep you ask yourself, “What exactly did I accomplish today?” Busy being unproductive! It’s a challenge we all face at some point.
Laundry, dishes, Grocery store runs, paying bills, more laundry… and this list doesn’t even include kid related tasks. It is overwhelming. The weight of the household is on our shoulders. And with our task list building up, we wonder where do we even begin?
Before the mom guilt sets in on our “unproductive” lifestyle, let’s pause and change the definition of what productive means. In our minds we put pressure on productivity to mean getting tangible things done. Productive can also be defined as being present with your child, being patient when they push your buttons, and giving yourself a moment to take a deep breath when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed.
A great way to shift the “busy” routine, is to get everything out of your head and on paper. Bullet journaling is a great way to do this! It is meant to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future. Not only do you write down things you need to do, but you acknowledge things you completed, as well as reflect on things you would like to work on. Once you have your Bullet Journal entry complete, you then prioritize your list. Prioritizing tasks makes the list more realistic and manageable.
At the end of your day, reflect on what was completed and what can be prioritized for tomorrow. Also remind yourself of those little wins you experienced with your children (or spouse): the deep breaths, the patience, the hugs and snuggles. All of that should be acknowledged as well. And before your head hits that glorious pillow, nighttime mediation is a fantastic way to wind down. Meditate as a family to clear your mind and calm yourselves before going to sleep.
Stay organized, take care of yourself, and cut yourself some slack- you’re doing amazing!

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Many events have shaped who I am today. From becoming a co-host of a morning radio show in DC, to saying “I do” to my best friend. But the event, or shall I say the on-going event, that I am most proud of, is my son. Being a mom is exhausting, it is liberating, it is every emotion all tangled up into one mess, and I love it. I also enjoy sharing (and confessing) my experiences with you fellow moms! I am so thankful for the Not For Lazy Moms community. This group of women encourages me to do what makes me happy and to wear a cute outfit while doing it!

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