What are the biggest challenges parents of special needs children face? And how do you deal with the outside world that may not always be accepting of your children.

Relationships are always challenging when you introduce a child into the mix, but what about when that child has special needs? What are the biggest challenges parents of special needs children face? And how do you deal with the outside world that may not always be accepting of your children?

First and foremost, you are not alone. While no child is exactly alike, there are people who have similar challenges and others who’s child could have the same diagnoses. Surround yourself with those people. Whether it’s an online facebook group, a group text, or a meetup once a week; networking within the special needs community will help give you extra support and comfort.

When trying to navigate the school system when it comes to a child with special needs, a Montgomery County Maryland High School Special Education teacher advises this, “Acknowledge, accept, and support your child for who they are. Your child’s teachers and administrators want what’s best for them, so they can design a plan that will help your child make gains in and outside the classroom. Communicate openly with your school and advocate for what your child needs. You should act as a team with your child’s school, because that is when true progress is achieved!”

Learning about your child’s disability can be challenging for the whole family, but try and shift your mindset. Embrace their uniqueness and love them extra hard for it.


  • Find your people

    Social media is a great tool to find facebook groups with parents of special needs children too.

  • Realize that you are a superhero

    Everyday, you handle situations that a regular parent would think are impossible. And while you are amazing, understand that there are times you will make a mistake and that is okay too! Forgive yourself and move on.

  • Don’t Give Up

    Some days might feel endless, but know that progress, resources, help is always available to you.

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