We all have selfish tendencies, but do they make or break your child? Is it ok to have those moments in order to maintain your sanity?

Let’s all admit it. We all have selfish tendencies. We were born that way!

From the moment we came out of the womb, we were innocently taught that it’s all about us. I honestly believe God blesses us with children in order to wean the selfishness out of our systems.

However, there are times that we need to use that natural born “it’s all about me” spirit in order to maintain ourselves and our inner peace. From bonus screen time, unearned candy treats, and delayed potty training, to camping out in our rooms, while we hire a babysitter just to get a few minutes to catch up on our favorite shows, we have to do what we have to do, so long as it doesn’t harm our precious babies! Sometimes it’s a lot easier and faster for us to do everything as we’re trying to rush out the door like, brushing their teeth, getting them dressed and putting their shoes on, but at the same time it’s important that children learn a little independence at a young age. Doing it all can be great for us to get the jobs done, but in the long run can be a huge hassle as they grow older. I do love that good kind of selfishness that the kids don’t even realize the main reason for the activity is not for them, but for mommy!

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A Few Selfish Parent QuickTips

First off, it is okay to be selfish sometimes. It makes us better parents when we pause and do something for ourselves. As long as it isn’t hurting your child developmentally (ie: always putting their shoes on for them) then you do you!

  • Hire a babysitter or have a neighbor, family member, or friend you trust come over so you can camp out in your room alone for you time!
  • Make cleaning the house fun so the kids help and you can check that off the list!
  • Reward with candy (when necessary) so they can cooperate.
  • Give the baby a “loaded bottle” (solid foods mixed with milk/formula) when you don’t have time to spoon feed. Monique has done this with all of her kids!
  • Have quiet time or give a nap (although it may throw off bedtime routine) to give yourself some quiet time!

Get your breaks when you can! Soak up the seconds when you can make time for you and get the re-boot you need.

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