The Mom Friend Intervention. How do you tell your mom friend, respectfully, that she leaves the house looking pretty awful?

Monique Samuels, Host
Chris Samuels, Co-Host
Aly Jacobs, Co-Host
Cousin Hank, Co-Host
Recap Written by Aly Jacobs

Kevin “Boss Squad” Cox, Guest

The man… the myth… the legend behind the Instagram account @_thebosssquad, also known as Monique’s brother Kevin, grabs the mic and delivers so much sass and honesty in our finale episode of the Not For Lazy Moms Podcast: The Mom Friend Intervention. “Be late and fabulous instead of on time and defeated,” is one of the first pieces of advice that Kevin gives to the mom who just wants to roll out of bed and into the produce aisle of the grocery store.

How do you tell your mom friend respectfully that she leaves the house looking pretty awful? The hints aren’t working and you don’t want to sound offensive. All Mom Friends are represented in this episode. From Monique giving some tough love, “your lips should never be dry, cracked or ashy. It is way too easy to put lip gloss on.” To Aly, who admits that she has let her former “heel wearing self” go a little bit because sneakers are just easier. “You get into the habit of no bra, messy bun, and no makeup that it just becomes part of your daily routine.”

As always there are laughs, and of course some advice along the way that really makes you want to pause, add the lip gloss and mascara, then leave the house feeling like a new woman.

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