The Confessions Wall


Confession: Marie Kondo

Submitted by: Lynn

Studio City, CA

Everyone is posting about Marie Kondo-ing their house and I'm over here like, "can someone please get this week's worth of laundry off the floor?"


Confession: Notes

Submitted by: Mona

Brooklyn, NY

Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing a great job as a mom because I’m not working a full time job and my wreath business isn’t where it should be. So when I get notes from my kids' school saying how good of a parent I am, I just smile and say, "you got this girl, now keep doing what you been doing."


Confession: Secret Day Off

Submitted by: Anonymous

Washington DC

At least once a month I will take a day off during the week, but I won't tell my kids.

I will still get dressed like I'm going to work, and even pack "my lunch." After I drop them off at school I go back home for some mommy time.

I hate to lie to my kids, but whenever I'm off someone always "gets sick" at school.


Confession: Bedtime Story

Submitted by: Tracee

Chicago, IL

At bedtime I read one story, word for word with cute little voices while being very animated.

Of course she's not sleepy yet, so she asks me to read another.

This time I skip words, paragraphs, and pages....THE END AND GOODNIGHT!


Confession: Coffee Cup


Memphis, TN

Submitted by: Demetria

I put soda, juices, and some desserts in a coffee cup so I don’t have to share... my kids just assume I’m having coffee and won’t ask 😂😂😂