Self-care is the best care and YOU are absolutely worth it! We’ll show you how to zen-back your life with little tips to empower you for the day’s task ahead.

As moms, we are everything to everyone in the family. We wear so many hats, whether it be preparing a meal (or buying one…no judgment), changing diapers, keeping the house somewhat organized, wiping a tear from our child’s face, or rushing our kids to practice. Whew! Just the thought of all of that can make our heads spin. While we don our Super Woman cape and fly to the rescue of our next challenge, we must pause to ask ourselves: Have I taken care of me?

Years ago, I watched a segment on the Oprah Winfrey show in which her guest said that we should put ourselves first, before taking care of anyone else. This can be a difficult concept for moms to grasp because we are taught to put our kids first. In fact, we are taught to put the needs of others first, and anything else is seen as being selfish. It is no wonder that we are left feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually depleted as a result. What we need to realize is that our cups must be full in order to serve and give our best selves to anyone else. And yes mommies, this means putting you first! Think of a pyramid with you and your spiritual practice at the top, which sets the precedent for everything else. This sacred experience sustains, uplifts, and nourishes you to keep going throughout your day and life.

Here are some tips and tricks to recharge and replenish:

A.M. Zen

Wake up 15-30 minutes earlier, before the kids are up. Take this time for yourself, and use it to pray and/or meditate. Let it be easy with no pressure in which you are communing with a higher power to guide you throughout the day.

Gratitude journal

Focus on 3 things that you are grateful for. Start with something simple, such as breathing in and out effortlessly. Write down whatever comes to mind at that moment. As we focus on what we are grateful for more often, we will experience an abundance of things to be grateful for in our lives.


Whether it be 30 minutes on a treadmill or taking a brisk walk outside, the objective is to get the heart pumping. Movement raises your vibration, clears the mind, and increases endorphins and oxytocin to make us feel good. A happy disposition and mood helps bring a better attitude to our day.

Daily personal check-in

Throughout the day, pay attention to how you feel. Are you happy, sad, overwhelmed, worried, or excited? What are your thoughts and emotions telling you? Your emotions are your compass to how you feel. You will know when you are off balance because your energy lowers and your mood changes. Each hour of the day, ask yourself one simple question: How do I feel at this moment? This gives you an opportunity to change the course of your day. It also places the power in YOUR hands to shift the focus to feeling good.

Eat to thrive

If you are like me, then you like to eat good food. Food is necessary for our vitality and overall health. Become more conscious of what you consume and how your body responds to what you eat. When possible, eat organically grown fruits and vegetables. Habitually, we repeat the same eating patterns that we saw growing up. As we mature, the hope is that we become wiser and better able to select foods that increase our energy, rather than deplete it.

Bath ritual

When the kids are fast asleep, set a relaxing bath with three simple ingredients: Epsom salt, lavender essential oil, and your favorite bubble bath (my fav is Whole Foods 365 lavender bubble bath). Be sure to dim the lights, light a candle, and listen to something relaxing like jazz. AHHHHHH…now this is what the doctor ordered!

Bedtime Zen

Before you end your night, close out your day with prayer and/or meditation, in the same way you started the day. You can also use Neville Goddard’s method, which is to replay the events of the day in your mind; however, this time replay them as if they happened the way you hoped. The thought behind this is to recreate the day, much like a movie director, in which you have the opportunity to change the story and how it is told into something more favorable. Our subconscious mind will impress upon that good thought as we sleep to re-pattern our existing thoughts and actions. In the morning, you will notice that your outlook on the day is better and brighter. It is incredible what this simple practice can do!

Whether you have it all together or not, moms are still super heroes. Implementing a few of these tips can help change the course of your day and overall wellbeing. It does not take much to shift things in the right direction. Tony Robbins calls it the 2-millimeter rule. Even a small change, consistently done can make a difference. So, put on that cape and wear it proudly! You earned it, and you get to write the script for your story.

If you are interested in trying mediation, check out Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation. It is an easy way to get your feet wet and be guided into a relaxing meditation.

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Erica Wigley

A NYC girl with roots in the DMV area. Whether I’m walking those concrete streets of NYC or cruising down I495, you can also find me on Wednesday nights at meditation class. I’m a mother of two incredible sons, a friend to many, daughter, sister, and business owner of Plush Skin. You may have seen me on CBS- Great Day Washington as a beauty expert dishing up easy DIY recipes. My expertise is centered around mindfulness, beauty from the inside out, and creating easy skincare/hair care recipes to add a little luxury to your daily beauty routine.

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