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Expand Your Mind, Brand and Business- While sipping Sangria!

We’re back for a mentally stimulating conversation on expanding your mind, brand and business.

We’re back this week for a mentally stimulating conversation on expanding your mind, brand and business, while sipping some amazing Sangria courtesy of Bass Note Sangria! Joining us as a very special guest is the founder of Bass Note Sangria, A.T. Howe.

Featuring Special Guest, Bass Note Sangria

A.T. Howe started his career in Consumer Product Sales with Quaker Oats in 1997 and for 10 years worked in the consumer products industry. He then spent the following decade selling wine, spirits, and beer to national restaurant chains with Diageo, to national restaurants & supermarkets with Terravant (a custom label winery), and to local Northern, CA customers with Partida Tequila. While with Terravant, in addition to selling to his customers, he spent a significant amount of time expanding the company’s footprint across the US through creating partnerships with distributors, and then managing those relationships. His past experience in both Consumer Products and Beverage Alcohol, has given him the knowledge and industry contacts to drive Bass Note Sangria’s growth.

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