The Not For Lazy Moms podcast is light, fun and will discuss things all parents go through, but none like to admit!

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An iHeartOriginal debuting on August 1st, the Not For Lazy Moms podcast will bring this website to life as we share stories about overcoming obstacles, open up about every-day challenges, and share ideas and advice for keeping a marriage spicy.  Each 45-minute episode will zero in on topics we all think about regularly, like detoxing your life, pregnancy after miscarriage, parenting jealousy, birth control methods and maintaining your sex life after having kids. This podcast is light, fun and will have you nodding along to the often time comical things all parents go through, but none like to admit!

Hosted by: Monique Samuels
Co-hosts: Chris Samuels, Cousin Hank & Aly Jacobs

The podcast will be available on August 1st with new episodes released every week. Visit to download iHeartRadio and listen to Not for Lazy Moms on your favorite device. Also available on iTunes, Stitcher, and google play.

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