Monique keeps it real when she admits to not liking her friends child, and shares the time she and Chris took a Hank Detox.

Monique Samuels, Host
Chris Samuels, Co-Host
Aly Jacobs, Co-Host
Cousin Hank, Co-Host
Recap Written by Aly Jacobs

The idea of your best friend having a child that’s similar in age as yours sounds amazing, right? The vision of both of your kids holding hands, playing together, growing up together and becoming best friends, mirroring their parents. It just sounds perfect. Well, what happens when you prefer your friend over their child. Or as Monique says, “I love you but I can’t stand your kid.”

Episode 6 breaks down the best friend barrier on all levels. From cutting out friends because of their kids to cutting out family because of their behavior. Yes, no poorly behaved individual is left behind in Episode 6 of our Not For Lazy Moms Podcast. As always, Monique and her team get candid. “We had to take a break from Cousin Hank.” Find out why Monique and Chris admit to taking a “Hank Detox” and what to do when you can’t stand your friends’ child.

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