From cold relief to makeup remover, many of the things you need are already in your pantry.

I enjoy using healthy alternatives, especially when I can find what I need right in my kitchen pantry.

During this segment, I discuss some of the common household items that can be used to keep a cold at bay, or provide temporary relief for when you’re already under the weather. The best part is that you probably already have these items waiting for you in your own pantry!


Onions are so beneficial. When it comes to congestion or a nagging cough, they’re always my first go-to source of relief. It’s surprisingly simple.

  • Slice an onion
  • Place it on a plate
  • Sit it next to you on your nightstand

And that’s it! Within 10-15 minutes your breathing will begin to clear and you’ll be pretty close to cough-free for a great night sleep. This is especially great for relieving infant nasal congestion since they are too young for most over the counter products. Your baby will sleep peacefully, which will hopefully give you peace of mind knowing that they’re breathing clearly throughout the night.

To get rid of the onion smell, remove the onions from the room and brew a pot of coffee. If you have a small coffee maker, brew coffee in the room after you remove the onions. The aroma from the coffee will overpower the smell of the onions.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is great for many reasons. One of my favorites is using it as a skin toner during acne breakouts. Apple cider vinegar is very acidic, therefore, it helps to regulate the natural pH level of your skin. This great property allows for the same result when you drink it. Drinking apple cider vinegar helps to boost your body’s pH levels internally for improved hydration.

  • Add 1 tablespoon to 16oz of water.

I enjoy drinking this mix 30 minutes before I go to bed and I try to make it my first beverage in the morning when I wake up. I love to use it as a detox and it works equally as well before a workout to boost my energy levels.

Tabasco Sauce

If you have Tabasco sauce in your cabinet, this is a great super-quick and simple tip to keep in mind. The next time you feel that itch in your throat hinting that a full blown cold is heading your way:

  • Take 1 tablespoon of Tabasco sauce
  • Pour it straight down your throat
  • Follow it with orange juice or water

Don’t forget to have that glass of orange juice or water waiting and ready, because it can be super spicy. Just like that, it’ll take the itch out of your throat. If you repeat that every few hours the results are even better.

Coconut Oil

There are so many benefits and uses for coconut oil. One of my favorites is using it as a make up remover. I can rely on coconut oil to remove foundation and mascara from my face, which allows for better cleansing of my pores. Many times we may have makeup layered deep in our pores, which clogs them, so coconut oil does a great job of fully removing the trapped makeup, making it easier to fully clean your face. Another great benefit of using coconut oil for babies that I’ve used in the past was to prevent diaper rash! Coconut oil is actually an anti-fungal, therefore it can target yeast which contributes to diaper rash.

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When I was a little girl, my aunt introduced me to her holistic approach for healthy living. Whenever I was sick, she always had a natural remedy. When I became a mom, I remembered my aunt’s recipes, and sought out to find additional solutions. I soon discovered essential oils and began creating my own natural remedies for everything from the common cold, nasal congestion and earaches, to helping my children get a good night’s sleep. I started sharing these discoveries with friends, and before long I was receiving calls, emails and texts every day from friends who were searching for help, which led me to creating this site.

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  • Thank You for this information it is also so reassuring to see you use the holistic method on yourself and your family so that I can trust the method even if I get different results.

  • I had three kids, one daughter is 11, my son is 19 months, and my daughter passed away at 18 months last year. She passed away from cancer so after going through a year of literally living at a hospital and watching them kill her slowly with toxic medication I became a nutcase about all things natural! It’s difficult because my children’s father was unarmed and shot this year so being a single mom and trying to research for remedies is stressful especially because my family isn’t very supportive of all things natural. My son is totally vaccine free and I have never and will never give him medicines! I just want to say thank you Monique for all of this information you are sharing because it’s made my life and Joyce of natural lifestyle 1000% easier!!!!! I am not getting ripped off by dottera oils consultants, not spending hours researching, not confused and frustrated. Your site is my go to site and has totally changed our lives. Sorry for blabbering I just want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  • Kudos for starting such a positive site about natural remedies. The old western philosophy of shoving chemically produced remedies usually comes with a host of side effects which requires another pill and so on. 16 years ago, I was told I would not live long and was put on a host of horrible medicines which made me feel horrible. I did a lot of research on natural healing stopped the pills, went the natural route with herbs and oils and i am not only still here but doing 1000% better. I became an aromatherapist because of it and am whole heartedly a believer. Not to say that traditional medicine doesnt have its place. But the earth will provide if one takes a little time to research , So again, I applaud your site

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