I tackled my fear of water with a fierce underwater maternity photo shoot.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the biggest fear of water, which is quite funny since my husband and children absolutely love it! They always encourage me to step out of my box when it comes to water and this time I decided to take it a step further!

I wanted to do something that speaks about life and rebirth

As I was preparing to have my third child, I wanted to do something super special for my third maternity photo shoot! Twice before I took photos to document our amazing moment of cooking a WHOLE human, but this time, being that I suffered a miscarriage previously, I wanted to do something that speaks about life and rebirth. What better way to represent this than water!

I came across a wonderful photographer by the name of Kristina Sherk and was completely obsessed with her underwater photo shoots! I’m definitely the type of chick that will sit BY the pool rather than get in it, but I wanted to take a risk and step out of my comfort zone. I was so happy that she and her team were flexible enough to come to my home for the shoot, even though they have a location they usually work from. Kristina even sent me ideas of what type of dresses would work best and offered to bring a few if I couldn’t find the right one online. I knew the type of photographs I would want to capture but had no idea of how I would be fierce while holding my breath for dear life and manage to make a cute face. Did I mention I would do anything for a great photo?

Thank GOD for Kristina and her patience. She made me feel absolutely comfortable and gave me a quick lesson on how to capture the perfect pose while holding my breath. She allowed me to take my time while she and her assistants made sure my dress was in place and my body held the best position to capture my growing belly. We were even able to include the entire family. I must say my husband and kids nailed it better than I did!

The editing process was easy, as we both chose our favorite shots and she worked her magic to correct any imperfections. As a person who isn’t the most comfortable in water outside of a bathtub, I can honestly say I would do it again with her guidance!

For more information about Kristina Sherk Photography, please click here.

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  • Monique, this is so amazing and so original! I love the photos and most of all I love your website and philosophy! Keep moving forward and expanding your horizons. You have created a niche that is virtually untouchable. Thank you for being such a global inspiration! I am super proud of you!

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