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Blackberry Sage

Bass Note SangriaFresh Blackberries, Lemons and a touch of Sage combined with rich fruity California Red wine, gives this Sangria deep luscious aroma and flavor. Pairs perfectly with BBQ pork or grilled steak.

Cherry Lime Almond

Bass Note SangriaLuscious Cherries & tart Limes are blended with a hint of Almond and a rich fruity California Red wine, making this Sangria a treat for the senses. Enjoy with grilled lamb or a bold cheese.

Peach Tarragon

Bass Note SangriaRipe Peaches, Lemons, and a hint of Tarragon married with crisp California White wine, provides this Sangria with an easy drinking profile and a little zip. Goes splendidly with a fresh chicken salad or grilled salmon.

Raspberry Hibiscus

Bass Note SangriaVibrant Raspberries, Lemons, and the subtle floral note of HIbiscus flowers coupled with crisp California White wine bestows this Sangria with a refreshing demeanor and a dynamic pop. Wonderful with lasagna, fried chicken, mild cheeses, or dark chocolate.

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