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Keep the Business in the Family- Building generational Wealth- Special Guest Ebony Wines

What kinds of ups and downs do family businesses face? How to separate personal and business relationships?

This week we are discussing Family Business! Keep the business in the family and create generational wealth! Is it possible? What kinds of ups and downs do family businesses face? How to separate personal and business relationships? Are you afraid that employing family members will cause friction when there’s misunderstandings surrounding the workload? We’ll discuss it all while sipping Ebony Wines as our special guest and founder of Ebony Wines, Camillya Masunda joins us!

Featuring Special Guest, Ebony Wine & Spirits

Ebony Wine & Spirits is the only black-owned wine and spirits company based in Charlotte, NC. Owned by Camillya Masunda and inspired by her Congolese roots, Ebony Wine & Spirits was created to celebrate the history and heritage of vast black cultures around the globe within all of the uniqueness that they embody and represent. Ebony Wine & Spirits was birthed and grows from a place of love and true unity. The taste and profile tell a beautiful story with every sip on the pallet. Ebony Wines currently offers 4 flavor profiles: Riesling, Moscato, Red Fusion, and a Sparkling Brut Rosè with more on the way.

The prize of the brand’s summer collection is its sparkling bubbly, Kinshasa, named after the capital city of Congo, where Masunda’s family is from. Masunda fell in love with wine during her college years and began to see a pattern of a lack of representation when she visited vineyards or even searched for companies to support. As she learned about the disparities of minority involvement, her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. Masunda began her national tours of vineyards to learn everything about custom crushes, grape varietals, and how to use that to entice the taste pallets of her chosen demographic. She realized her purpose was to remove the veil around wine and introduce it to the customer that may have felt ignored in the past.

Ebony Wine & Spirits is run by a family-based team, Masunda’s top employee is her serial-entrepreneur daughter Lanayah whom she considers her partner and inspiration. As a single, teen mother, Masunda views her progression in the wine industry as setting the example of following your heart, even if you learn as you go. Her approach to being a continuous learner has paid off as the brand is set to open their brick & mortar location in Charlotte this June!

Camillya is using wine as the catalyst to start conversations around inclusion and changing the old narratives.

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