Upcoming Giveaways: Spring 2019

April Giveaway:Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier By Tula

  • Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier By Tula: $159.00 Value

Entries Open April 15th

Winner Announced May 1st

May Giveaway:Deluxe+ Dock by DockATot

  • Deluxe+ Dock by DockATot: $175.00 Value

Entries Open May 15th

Winner Announced June 1st

June Giveaway:B.F.F. Diaper Bag by Jujube + Meal Time Essentials by Zoli

  • Jujube B.F.F. Diaper Bag: $144.00 Value
  • Zoli CHUBBY GUMMY Gum Massaging Teethers: $12.00 Value
  • Zoli MASH Bowl & Spoon Kit: $16.00 Value
  • Zoli PODS Snack Stacks: $13.00 Value

Entries Open June 15th

Winner Announced July 1st

July Giveaway:Starter Set by Comotomo + SUMO Snack Stacks by Zoli

  • Comotomo 8oz Bottles (2-count): $23.99 Value
  • Comotomo 5oz Bottles (2-count): $22.99 Value
  • Comotomo Replacement Silicone Nipples (2-count): $6.99 Value
  • Comotomo Silicone Teether (2-count): $13.99 Value
  • Zoli SUMO Snack Stacks: $18.00 Value

Entries Open July 15th

Winner Announced August 1st

August Giveaway:mamaRoo®4 by 4moms

  • mamaRoo®4 by 4moms: $219.99 Value

Entries Open August 15th

Winner Announced September 1st

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