Don’t let your fitness game drop off just because you’re away from the gym.

Planning to sneak in a beach vacation for your kids this summer? Yes, for your kids, because with all of the packing prep and taking care of everyone else, traveling with your family is far from a vacation for you!

Don’t let your fitness game drop off just because you’re away from the gym. You can still get it in on vacation without compromising time away from your family. Here’s how to sneak in some exercise on your summer “vacation:”

Walk to meals

Instead of driving a few blocks and having to deal with finding a parking spot, why not walk together? Throw your youngest in a stroller and get outside and enjoy the beach air!

Take the stairs

How many times are you up and down the elevator to go grab a diaper, a toy or whatever your child has left in the room and is currently demanding?Instead of always taking the elevator, why not take the stairs? Extra points for carrying one of your kids with you or taking two steps at a time!

Involve your family

Take a long beach walk together and look for seashells (see who can find the most!) or throw one of your kids on your back and hold a squat until a wave comes crashing in. Your kids are having fun and you’re sneaking in a quad workout.

Go for a run before your family wakes up

Sneaking in exercise does not have to mean missing out on time with your family. Set an alarm and get in a run before the rest of your family wakes up. You’ll be energized to enjoy the day with your family and you won’t miss out on any fun!

Push a jogging stroller on the beach

When it’s nap time, put your baby in the jogging stroller and walk along the beach until they fall asleep. Now you have a sleeping baby and just got a killer calf workout!

Make it a game

Scope out a beach trashcan that’s not close to your blanket and run there and back every time you have trash to throw away (my daughter loved this one).

Walk home from dinner with your toddler on your back

You’re already headed home so you’ll be less concerned with whether or not there’s sweat dripping down your back (I do not recommend carrying a child to dinner). Just scoop up one of your kids and carry them back to the hotel. Your child will be happy to be carried and you’ll be getting a killer leg workout.

Enjoy your “vacation.”

About the author

Erin Washington

After 20 years of battling body issues, I'm finally in my best body at 37 and a mother of two. I know so many women who are hard-core fitness fanatics and never let themselves “cheat.” They will never miss a workout and always pass on a cocktail. Then there’s the women who are out every night at happy hour and think nothing of skipping their workout the next morning. Neither lifestyle is sustainable. I fall somewhere in the middle- Squats and Margaritas. I finally found a formula that worked for me and feel compelled to share it with women who are struggling like I always have.

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