The ongoing debate between a stay at home mom and a working mom.

There’s always a debate about the differences between a stay at home mom and a mom who works a job at an establishment outside of the home. Working moms are constantly trying to defend themselves as being a “present” parent to their child, whereas stay at home moms feel the need to continuously justify what they did all day. The fact that it is even a debate in itself is mind boggling. Think about it, isn’t the end goal the same in both scenarios? Don’t we all just want to raise kind and loving humans? Why can’t we appreciate the position we are in without feeling the weight of guilt behind it? Aren’t we all just doing the best we can?

Whether you are a working mom or one at home with the kids, both scenarios come with the endless list of annoying questions. “What do you do all day?” If you are a stay at home mom just reading that sentence is making your skin crawl. For career moms, one of the most crazy assumptions is that you don’t spend any quality time with your kids. Insert eye roll here. Both scenarios come with its set of challenges as well. For working moms you not only have to find childcare, but because of that childcare you do miss out on a lot of “firsts.” For stay at home moms you become so wrapped up in legos and Elmo that you can lose a sense of yourself.

In order to block out the noise on both sides, you have to embrace and accept the position you are in. If you are constantly having a negative attitude, then you need to reflect and decide what it is that will make you happy. What makes you happy is not only important for self-care, but it will make you a better mom as well. So cheers to all of you mamas, whatever your situation is, we know you love just as hard. Continue to raise kind humans and continue to embrace the life you are living.


  • For stay at home mom

    Create a routine that allows you to have time for you.

  • For Career moms

    Avoid mom guilt by saving the weekends for family time.

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