“Do you teach your kids the real name or the nickname of their body parts?” The fab four discuss their concerns and possible dangers of nicknaming body parts.

Monique Samuels, Host
Chris Samuels, Co-Host
Aly Jacobs, Co-Host
Cousin Hank, Co-Host
Recap Written by Aly Jacobs

To nickname or not to nickname your private parts? When teaching your children, do you refer to their private parts as a “cookie” or a “mini me?” Or are you up front with the private part’s proper names? And does nicknaming add to the stigma of sexual health? Serious topic, yes, but as always, this crew keeps it real with some laughter along the way.

As with every episode, Monique and Chris share how they parent their children and what works for them. “We always teach them to express themselves even if the topic makes them feel uncomfortable. We reassure them that they will not get in trouble when using the proper terms.” This is one of the many tools Monique and Chris incorporate when it comes to teaching their children about their bodies and sexual health.

While Monique and Aly share how they have taught their kids the real names for their private parts, Aly regrets it after something her son said, that when shared with the crew, the jokes ensue from Cousin Hank and Chris. No shocker there. The laughter keeps rolling when Monique talks about how her son just loves boobs. No really, he loves them. That’s when Chris jumps in and says, “It’s true! Before I started working out and losing weight my son pointed out my big boobs too!” LOL! We told you, deep topics, yet always with a little fun thrown in.

As always, we appreciate all of you bosses for listening and we would love to hear from you about this episode or future topics you would like to hear us chat about. Share with us topics and questions you would like to chat about in future episodes!

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