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Noite RoseBeing newlywed in quarantine, Diandra Noelle decided to launch Noite Rose because she wanted to provide herself (and others) alluring-yet-cozy nightwear solutions. Noite Rose is the answer for those who want to be comfortable and inviting without being too forward. It’s for those of us who want to lounge in the house but still think “oh, I still got it” when passing a hallway mirror.

The simplistic meaning of Noite Rose is evening rose. We can all trace back to a time when we received a long stem at a romantic dinner, bouquet on a holiday, or petals when our partner greeted us at the door. No matter your unique experience, we all have one that evokes a feeling in us. While relationships can be wonderful experiences, buying romantic pieces doesn’t mean you have to have a partner to share them with. From silky dresses to sumptuous two-piece sets, Noite Rose-approved designs deliver for those who love to blend sexiness with coziness. Noite Rose is looking forward to being a part of this experiential journey with you.

See February Newsletter for Promo Code

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