Bravo TV: Monique Samuels and Her Husband Chris Samuels Have a Really Huge Announcement

Source: Bravo TV

When we look at Monique Samuels, we often think, “How does she do it all and still stay so fabulous?” We mean, she’s the mom of two young kids, she has her own website, Not for Lazy Moms, and on top of all of that, she has to deal with all of The Real Housewives of Potomac drama. 

Well, get ready, because Monique will be spilling all of the secrets to her success in parenting and in her marriage with husband Chris Samuels in her new iHeartRadio podcast, Not for Lazy Moms, an extension of her lifestyle and parenting website of the same name. The weekly show launches on iHeartRadio and wherever podcasts are available on August 1. A new episode will be available every Wednesday. You can check out a sneak peek of the podcast and subscribe, below.

Monique will be teaming up with her hubby on the podcast, as well as first-time mom Aly Jacobs and “Cousin Hank,” who’s described as “a forever bachelor,” to discuss everything from preparing for labor to all things parenting to keeping your marriage spicy after having kids.

“We’re excited to team up with iHeartRadio to launch our podcast. Chris and I are parents of two young children with a third one on the way, and not a week goes by when at some point we don’t feel overwhelmed, exhausted or frustrated,” Monique said in a statement. “This podcast is to let parents know we all have moments when we question whether we can do it all and make it through the day. I hope the ‘Not for Lazy Moms’ podcast will not only provide support, information and resources but also make listeners smile and let parents know everything is going to be OK.”

This isn’t the only exciting new addition coming to the Samuels family this year. Monique and Chris are expecting their third child, who is due December 3. Monique recently shared the most adorable video of her and Chris telling their children, Christopher, 5, and Milani, 3, that they will soon be welcoming a new baby sibling. Monique previously shared with The Daily Dish in June that she and Chris were waiting until she was a little further along before they told their kids about her pregnancy.

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