ET Online: Why ‘Real Housewives’ Star Monique Samuels Is Happy to Share Her Marriage and Pregnancy Struggles (Exclusive)

Source: ET Online

Monique Samuels isn’t afraid of her imperfections.

The Real Housewives of Potomac star has laid a lot of her personal life out there on the Bravo reality series, most recently tearfully sharing her frustrations over some growing pains in her marriage to former NFL player Chris Samuels. But, she says the onscreen waterworks are nothing for fans to worry about.

“That is just a part of life, you know?” she tells ET. “That was one of many arguments. If I had to add up how many times we argue throughout the year, I definitely don’t have enough fingers and toes for that. The thing I love about it is, we all go through it. If you don’t have an argument in your marriage, either you’re in denial or you’re running from the truth. Or, you’re not addressing certain things that should… continue reading on ET Online.

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