1- 2 years old is too late for introducing the potty… try 6 months old!

Years ago I met a woman, who I believe was from Sweden. We had an interesting conversation about children and the differences between how kids were raised in our respective countries. She said in her beautiful accent, “take potty training for instance. We begin potty training in our country as soon as the baby can sit up and is on solid food!” I was so confused, but I knew when I had kids, I had to try it! And it worked!

The key is to have your child understand where to go when they have to go. I started both of my kids at 6 months old with a small travel potty I took with me everywhere. By paying attention to their bowel movements, I was able to pinpoint when my babies had to go. When they did use the potty, I celebrated those wins with praise so they understood they did a good thing. I understand that some moms do not have the time to start their kids off this young, but trust me, you’ll save a lot of money on weekly diaper runs to the store. For older children, I recommend putting them in underwear so they recognize that they wet themselves. When you make this early introduction, it’s not meant for perfection, but just as an introduction. Some children catch on faster than others, but the key is they are familiar with the potty and it’s purpose. After all, what infant, child or adult wants to sit in mess? This is all about embracing the natural desire to be clean.

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  • I sooo love it, my daughter is 18months and i’m gonna be trying the underwear tip from this monday see if she is fully trained by the time she starts nursery in September.
    Love the post!! 🙂 xx

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